Led by one of our AI Experts, our Seminars provide your teams with up-to-date and detailed information about the world of AI, how it impacts businesses from top to bottom, and how they can use AI to complete daily tasks. During our Seminars & Speaking Engagements we will answer your teams biggest questions and concerns about AI and help them to better understand how it is likely to impact them and what they can do to integrate AI into their own work.

When you bring in one of our AI experts to educate your team and/or lead a discussion about AI, you are helping your business to grow and thrive in our increasingly-technological world. We will walk your team through the process of AI integration, and explain how they can easily employ the use of AI to help simplify their daily tasks and assist in making their output stronger. Our AI experts are well acquainted with AI and perfectly equipped to handle all of your teams' tough AI-related inquiries.

Our Seminars and Speaking Engagements can be held either virtually or in-person (when scheduling this service, please be sure to specify desired location)

  1. Pricing is determined by length of event, number of attendees, and travel.
  3. To discuss pricing for your event(s), please contact us