Based out of Irvine, CA, Kiingo AI provides a variety of services to best suit your AI business needs. This exploratory call with one of our AI experts will help to navigate you to the service(s) that will be most beneficial to you and your business or group. In this meeting we will aim to uncover what your primary objectives are to help us better understand your specific needs and goals, and how we can assist you in achieving them. 

Participating in one of our 30-minute, complementary Discovery Calls will help you to uncover which of our services will best suit the needs of your company or group. By determining what exactly you are hoping to accomplish, we can help you save time and money by quickly establishing which course of action will be most beneficial.

The 30-minute, complimentary Discovery Call is a virtual meeting that can be held over any video conferencing service

Discovery Calls are a complimentary service