Kiingo AI

AI Training and Consulting

Based out of Irvine, CA, Kiingo AI is a company that focuses on AI in business in order to help businesses increase their labor efficiency in an increasingly technological world. We provide a variety of services that we customize to your specific business needs and goals. Our AI experts have a deep passion for this revolutionary technology and have been following its development closely for over a decade. We believe that AI integration can help assist any company in a multitude of ways in order to cut costs and increase productivity, and we pride ourselves on our ability to make your transition to AI as easy and smooth as possible.

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Ross Hartmann

Founder & CEO

Ross Hartmann is the Founder and CEO of Kiingo AI, an AI company that focuses its efforts on automation, software and consulting for businesses. Through Kiingo, he has worked with companies across the U.S. ranging in revenue from $2M to $700M by helping them develop and implement an AI roadmap and strategy. Since April 2023, he has also become a highly sought-after Vistage Speaker with a recommendation rating of 100% having presented to over 1,500 key decision-makers from a variety of businesses both virtually and in-person. His goal is to help businesses harness the power of generative AI to create streamlined and more efficient workflows for employees at all levels of a company.