A world of science and imagination.


In an unmarked research lab, a group of dark visionaries has quietly unified general relativity and quantum mechanics. The full implications are yet to be known, but the recent breakthrough coincides with a rise in reports of disturbing and inexplicable spatial and temporal phenomenon. A 22nd century world has just discovered fire.

A societal distrust of technology, fueled by the terrifying sightings, has presented an opportunity for the ambitious--and there's no lack of political candidates willing to take advantage of the populist opening. Of course, the dark visionaries are never ones to watch an opportunity pass them by, either, and have made arrangements to solidify their influence in the top tiers of the non-visionary government.

As populist, anti-technology and anti-visionary propaganda spreads, aided by a sect of dark visionaries, the strange and paradoxical happenings continue to haunt the once-harmonious world. It's a world on the brink of tectonic change. A world of disinformation, espionage, science, imagination, and vision. And the light visionaries have fallen victim to their one mortal sin: a failure of imagination.


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