Psychology and Narrative with Angel Rodriguez Bustamante

Join us in a conversation with Angel Rodriguez Bustamante, a psychologist and storytelling consultant. In this episode, we discuss two effective methods for creating tension, the types of events that lead to character change, the importance of contrast in storytelling, and the importance of consequences.

Angel Rodriguez Bustamante is a Mexican storytelling consultant and teacher with a background in psychology and psychotherapy. He often gives talks at game development and movie festivals. His work focuses on video games and comics but also often finds him discussing storytelling in movies and literature.

Angel is the founder of "CAAPA Desarrollo Personal y Creativo" (personal and creative development), a digital and physical platform where he teaches how to create engaging stories by combining his knowledge of both psychology and narrative. His courses and commercial mentoring cover all aspects of the story creation process, from keeping the audience engaged through tension and hooks, to creating lifelike characters through psychology, to creating an organized and productive workflow for the writer. Angel focuses on how to deliver story's message in the most effective way possible.

 Angel Rodriguez Bustamante

Angel Rodriguez Bustamante


You can find Angel and his story consulting company here:

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