Based out of Irvine, CA, Kiingo AI provides a variety of services to best suit your AI business needs. One of our more sought-after services is our Custom AI Software. When we started this company our goal was to create a Large Language Model (LLM) that could be trained on individual company's data in order to organize their information, enhance their productivity, decrease their costs, and accelerate their business. Our "Brain," as we like to refer to it, does just that. It takes into careful consideration each businesses needs and desires and aims to help them accomplish those ideas.

By subscribing to and utilizing our custom software, you are employing the use of a Large Language Model, or LLM (think ChatGPT), that is solely trained on the data you provide, essentially making it a "Brain" for your company. This can be deployed and used in a variety of ways through all levels of your company without sacrificing the safety and security of your company's most prized possession: its data.

All programming and building of custom software is done remotely. However, if it is necessary, or a consultation to help walk teams through the use of software is requested, an AI expert can meet with you or your team over video chat or in-person.

  • Custom AI Software prices vary depending on what each client is looking to accomplish
  • **A consultation is required to determine what the client wants in their custom software and how Kiingo AI can help them to accomplish those goals